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this is a keeper

EATDRINK - a beautiful book featuring the very best culinary delights the Mornington Peninsula has to offer. An annual publication where your business will be exposed year round - a must read for locals and visitors alike.

Our print run of 30,000 makes us the largest single publication devoted to food and beverages covering the Mornington Peninsula.

By positioning your business with EatDrink, you ensure that your message will hit a consumer who is actively seeking great content on anything and everything culinary in this region.

Our book is printed on premium stock and is filled with beautiful photography. It will grace the bedside tables of hotels, motels and b'n'bs, the tables of cafes, the shelves of newsagents and providores.  It is designed to be replaced every year keeping readers up to date with all the new foodie offerings across the Peninsula and Frankston.

MAPS, DIRECTORY & MORE: Inside find fold out Winery Tourism Map, Beer, Cider & Spirits Trail and also Farm Gate Map.  Plus we have acclaimed food writer Richard Cornish and equally acclaimed wine writer Max Allen in our first book. Expect more local editorial on pioneers and history of the Peninsula as a food bowl. We will also look at the food industries that thrive here, new and old.


Social Media

More than simply a promotional tool, EatDrink's strategic use of Facebook and Instagram, along with our comprehensive website, means the conversation we launched on release is maintained throughout the entire year. 

Participants are promoted or tagged on our social media throughout 2020 after the book is released.

EatDrink's digital content offers you an expanded online and social media presence. People looking for a taste of the Peninsula, perhaps seeking areas to explore, and those wanting to try something new - will get instant access to the region’s best culinary destinations through our digital outlets - web, instagram and facebook.

With constant connection to our more than 30,000 social media followers through our sister publications - Mornington Peninsula Magazine and Mt Eliza Village Magazine, we drive audience connections for our participants with giveaways, sponsored posts and exclusive promotions.  Our followers are encouraged to post and tag those featured in EatDrink. And we have an ever-growing members list which participants can target with special offers.




A partnership with EatDrink effectively delivers your message to a broad, engaging audience that encompasses not only the Peninsula, but affluent areas of Melbourne. Our readers are the people you want & need to target: hungry food lovers seeking to learn more about food culture and the offerings on the Mornington Peninsula, locals and visitors alike. 

Distribution includes 'ROOM COPY Do Not Remove' copies to all hotels, motels and b'n'b's for their rooms.  The 2019 book has also been popular with many real estate agents for new owners, and with businesses for corporate and clients gifts.   The public can purchase copies for $14.99 each at providore stores, all participants, Ritchies supermarkets, newsagents, book stores, many markets and through our publishing group's many fundraising & promotional activities throughout the year. EatDrink will be heavily publicised in Mornington Peninsula Magazine and Mt Eliza Village Magazine.

Participants receive a number of copies as part of their booking, extra books can be purchased at the wholesale price of $7.50.

Hard cover copies will also be available for the 2020 edition.